Exactly what is the age limit for sky diving in Auburn?

When you come in for your skydive in Auburn, you'll first be asked to authorize a waiver before you can take your jump. You'll need to be at the minimum 18 years of age to authorize this lawfully binding agreement, which is mandatory when skydiving in Auburn. This requirement is not only implemented when skydiving in Auburn, Alabama, it is also mandatory all throughout the Country.

Just what is the price to skydive?

The amount of money you'll spend for skydiving jumps depends on the type of that adventure. For the least expensive price in skydiving in Auburn, opt to tandem jump. Typically, rates depend also on the cost of fuel and the current seasonal demand. To learn more about our prices, please call us directly and let our professionals address your questions.

Is a video of my skydiving jump available to me?

For individuals that want a recording of their jump, Auburn Skydiving offers video recording packages that are perfect for the whole adventure from plane to landing. As a portion of the package, our videographers will conduct a short conversation with you just before you get on the airplane and on the plane as you ascend. You'll have the entire process of your jump as the videographer will make your jump with you in order to record your freefall as well. To record those last minutes of landing, the videographer will ground before you.

Can I bring my own camera?

Most definitely bring your video camera for on-the-ground images. Unfortunately, skydivers are not allowed to take their own video camera on the airplane.

What height and speed will the airplane get to for the skydive?

Several things will play a role in your speed. The majority of the time, tandem skydives happen at a max elevation of 14,000 feet. As you are freefalling, your speeds will reach as high as 120 mph.

Could all my friends jump at the same time?

In most cases, we do our best to make sure you have the very best possible group of people to jump with. You might have the ability to jump together, but take into consideration a few factors first. It is essential to understand that there is a quick delay in between jumpers out of the airplane, which means that you may not have the chance to freefall or canopy ride down all together. Some of our skydivers choose to go up on separate plane rides so they can watch their loved ones freefall and then land on the ground.

Suppose someone wants to come with you however doesn't want to jump?

Family and friends are invited to come with you to watch your sky diving adventure even if they do not want to jump themselves. Please keep in mind, guests who are not skydiving at the time will be unable to get on the airplane with you.