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Earning the right to be a licensed skydiver is easier than you are aware of! Your training begins with a 7 to 8 level Accelerated Free Fall course that teaches you all that you need to understand about sky diving in Auburn. From beginning to end, you will have certified skydiving professionals making sure that every maneuver you learn is performed correctly while in freefall. Each level requires that you know the maneuvers and techniques coached and perform them successfully prior to moving on to the next.Level one of the Accelerated Free Fall course will instruct you on body position, turns, altitude awareness, parachute deployment and canopy control. You will begin with a 5 to 6 hour ground school that will cover each and every technique that you are to perform during your first solo sky dive in Auburn.

About Our Accelerated FreeFall Program

For the first three jumps by a new learner, the Auburn Skydiving Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) program determines that 2 skydiving instructors accompany the student. The coaches freefall with the beginner and hang on until the student deploys their parachute at the appropriate height. Thus, this technique is called ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ There is no physical connection to the student except for the hand hold and once the student deploys their parachute, the coaches fly a safe distance away and deploy their own parachutes.

The Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) canopy deployment altitude is normally set at 5,500 feet above ground level (AGL.) In the event that the student does not deploy their parachute at the proper AGL, the instructors will attempt to use hand signals to help remind the student to pull the parachute. If the student continues to experience difficulty, the Auburn Skydiving affiliate trainers will assist their student by physically placing the student's hand on the pilot chute release. If this doesn't work, the instructor will deploy the canopy for the student. Student gear has extra "pull" handles installed and coaches can deploy the student's canopy whenever they seem to be in danger. The student's safety is always our top consideration.

Displaying the correct freefall methods, the student will be permitted to release their own parachute unassisted. Once this is done correctly, in sequence, the instructors will deem the trainee prepared for diving independently. This is done through a sequence of release dives wherein the instructor may not be able to dock and assist, so it's crucial that the student has grasped the skills required to deploy their own parachute.

Trainers on all Accelerated FreeFall levels have a " hard deck" where they have to pull their own canopy and save their own life. In the event that they haven't been able to aid their student by this altitude, the student rig is equipped with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) that will release the reserve parachute if the student passes the activation altitude at freefall velocities. While it is very rare that a student will have an AAD activation, this final level of security safeguards the student as much as possible from the consequences of being out of control or not having the capacity to open their own parachute.

Auburn Skydiving's Accelerated Freefall Certification course utilizes sequential levels that improve each individual skill as the lesson proceeds. Initially, instructors have the opportunity to use hand signals to address the student's body placement during the fall, and subsequent instruction to correct form after the jump, ensuring a comprehensive building of correct body mechanics as the instructors freefall with the student. Following the first levels, a trainee is paired to one instructor for one on one individual training. This learning consists of demonstration of freefall positions, turns, flips, regaining balance from instability and body movement. Every student will be asked to perform the learned motions during flight with his or her instructor.

Targeted Learning Objectives are implemented in each AFF level and act as a skillset indicator to gauge the student's learning progression. Every AFF instructor has the given authority to validate each students personal fulfillment of their required TLOs at each level advancement. During AFF jumps, the student is in continuous contact with personnel on the ground that assist in directing their freefall, but the student must have the skills to land on their own in the event of a radio failure.

After finishing the Accelerated FreeFall at a Auburn Skydiving partner skydiving center, you are urged to join the USPA. Call Auburn Skydiving today at 334-521-6639 and start your freefall training today!